Ntc Type Temperature Sensor

Baked Oven Temperature Sensor

The single-ended chip and packaging technique used by the baked oven temperature sensor provide the advantages of a broad temperature measuring range, good product temperature performance, and a comparatively quick thermal response. often utilized in the manufacture of kitchen appliances, including different-shaped microwave ovens and induction cooktops.

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NTC Home Appliance Temperature Sensor For Heater Freezer And Ice Maker

The temperature coefficient of resistance for NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistors is in the range of -2%/k to -6%/k, which is approximately metal 10 times the temperature coefficient of resistance. They are heat-sensitive semiconductor resistors whose resistance value decreases with increasing temperature. The NTC thermistor's resistance value may change due to changes in the temperature of the surrounding environment or because of current flow and self-heating. His many applications are based on this trait. NTC thermistors are made of mixed oxide polycrystalline ceramics. This material's conduction process is highly intricate.

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Refrigerator NTC Temperature Sensor

The product line can be packaged using TPE injection molding, ABS shell infusion epoxy resin, nylon shell infusion epoxy resin, and other packaging techniques that are frequently used in low-temperature refrigerators, freezers, and floor heating. Products with plastic shells have high resistance to moisture and cold. performance, high dependability, tolerance to cold and heat stress, and a low yearly drift rate.

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Heat-Generating Power Surface Contact

The structure of this series of products is easy to install. The temperature sensor is fixed on the surface of the measured body by screws to detect the temperature of the measured body. It is widely used in fixing UPS power cooling fans, coffee machine heating plates, coffee pot bottoms, and baking trays Wait for the surface of the heating element to detect the temperature of the measured object to meet the requirements of temperature measurement and overheat protection.

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